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Northfield @ Boardwalk has adopted the  Clinical Practice Model to better serve you.  Ideally, we should all have a personal physician who has a detailed knowledge of our health history, family, and day-to-day symptoms.  We have decided to implement this model for your convenience. What is the “Clinical Practice Model”?  Currently, we have a group of Family Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Nurses and Nurses to provide you with the best care possible.   This group will look after you even if your physician is away. We use a robust Electronic Medical Records Program to guarantee accurate and instant access to your medical records, including lab results, consultations and imaging reports. Dr. Ruth Bell, Dr. Shireen Saban, Dr. Chun Ming Yu, Dr. Patrick Landy, Dr Waseema Rehman Dr. Elionora Sofronova, Dr. Emil Khalil, Dr.Fareeha Qayyum, Dr.Vikrim Gill. Also on staff, we have our nurses Nelia and Ping, our experienced  Nurse Practitioner Michelle and advanced practice nurses Odette and Linda. Nurse Practitioners Our nurse practitioners provide care to patients of all ages. Their advanced knowledge and skills help assess and diagnose. They perform a periodic health assessment, order and interpret diagnostic tests, write prescriptions and make referrals. They work in partnership with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals such as social workers, midwives and pharmacists to keep you and your family well.